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A world of natural sophistication, superb elegance and flawless etiquette. At Tartan & Zebra we are purveyors of lifestyle and etiquette to those who like us appreciate beautiful things, refined manners, quality and exclusivity. For those for whom entertaining at home, operatic soirées, afternoon teas and garden parties are not only a social gathering but a display of know-how, splendour and joie de vivre. Because living in the 21st Century does not mean we must forget years of tradition and social standards, we offer the modern host timeless and contemporary personalised stationery, bespoke party invitations, stationery gifts, accessories, lifestyle gifts and art prints. We are based in Norwich and London and we sell online to the United Kingdom and abroad.

Personalised Stationery, Greeting Cards and ecard
The perfect complement to manners and etiquette, we see the art of personalised stationery and fine etiquette as a unique way of expression, a language and a personal attitude. Offering a stylish and elegant selection of luxury personalised stationery, bespoke stationery and ready to write. Tradition and craftsmanship combined with a modern approach to the art of fine stationery define our elegant personalised stationery products and stylish greeting cards. Our passion for fine details, inspiring prints, rich colours and unique textures characterizes all our stylish personalised stationery. From correspondence and writing cards to thank you cards and personalised party invitations, our personalised stationery collections are a unique and stylish choice that can be personalised with your personal details and specifications. We also offer free greeting cards and ecard.

Personalised wedding stationery

With new collections added to our selection of elegant wedding stationery, we offer classic and contemporary wedding invitations, save the cards and announcements, reply cards, menu cards, order of service, table place cards, favours, boxes and organza bags and stylish recordatory gifts for guests. We have ready to write and personalised wedding stationery designs that can be customised with your own details as well as bespoke wedding stationery designs to create your very unique set of stationery for your very special day. Because when it comes to a wedding it all starts with elegant and stylish wedding stationery and wedding invitations. Browse our beautiful collections of personalised wedding stationery for luxurious timeless and classic designs as well as beautiful wedding invitation sin stripes and patterns, vichy prints, butterflies, birds and Chinoiserie and vintage style themed wedding stationery.

Personalised invitations

What is a party without a beautiful invitation? From elegant bespoke handmade designs to stylish personalised party invitations, discover our collections of unique party invitations with a fabulous choice of ready to write elegant party invitations, personalised party invitations and beautifully handmade designs of party invitations in a selection of shapes, striking and vibrant colours, textures and prints. You can buy classic invitations or contemporary and modern styles, we have them all! Birthday and anniversary invitations, weddings, dinner and weekend invitations… Répondez s'il vous plaît and engage yourself in a world of etiquette and stylish manners.



And in addition to all this do not forget to browse our stylish and extraordinary selection of luxury stationery gifts, gifts for him and for her, children's gifts, Christmas, Easter gifts, gifts for Father's day and Mother's day and other special occasions. With must have stationery notebooks and practical journals, diaries and organizers, calendars, note pads and handmade writing instruments, gold and titanium fountain pens in precious python and rattlesnake skins. Original and stylish gifts ideas.

Handmade pens and luxury writing instruments

We offer a unique collection of luxury handmade pens with a selection of beautiful fountain pens, pens and pencils. Beautifully crafted, our handmade pens are precious objects that make unique gifts for avid pen collectors. Like other luxury goods, handmade pens have become a symbol of status and certainly a form of timeless elegance, good taste and a passion for the art of writing, manners and etiquette. We invite you to discover our collections of handmade pens, luxurious handmade pieces and fine bespoke examples of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Gift boxes and the art of gift wrapping

The art of giving. What a wonderful thing to make a gift and the emotion from the person who receives it from our hands. And of course choosing a beautiful gift is important, but also the way you present it, the tissue and the wrapping, the gift box, the ribbon, the card. It is all about presentation and attention to detail. Whenever you need to make a special gift browse our selection of gift bags, large gift boxes, snap shut boxes, small favour boxes and organza bags, wrapping papers, single or double sided and box wrapping kits, complete with box, ribbon and tissue wrapping paper. It is called the art of gift wrapping. Perfect for all your gifts, birthday and Christmas gifts.

Home Accessories and decoration

We offer a selection of unique home accessories and lifestyle gifts, and lifestyle accessories. Beautiful and unique decorative pieces that say it all about us, about the way we live, our style and personal taste. At Tartan & Zebra we aim to give our clients inspiration by offering a unique selection of original and timeless accessories and gifts, luxury scented candles, vintage accessories and antiques. Ours is an interesting collection of unique and stylish accessories sourced from a very eclectic mix of suppliers, craftsmen and designers from all over the world. We like the mix of the old with the new, the vintage with the high tech. Mixing vintage porcelain and antique tea sets, silverware and Victorian taxidermy domes with modern art prints, wall decor and vibrant home textiles and contemporary accessories.

And to get inspired, be taken by our collection of fine art and wall decor with a selection of limited edition art prints and affordable reproduction art prints, original paintings, collages, three dimensional art boxes, photography art and vintage prints and posters. Selected art works that play with collage, watercolours and acrylic. Pieces harmoniusly composed and different from one another with a strong visual result, with a careful use and mix of the colour, rich textures, geometric prints and stylish and sumptuous elements that emphasize the stories behind them. Browse our selection of originals and limited editions in our art galleries. All pieces are sold framed but can be sold unframed or with a different frame of your choice if requested. Buy affordable art prints from our art collections.

Design & styling studio

In addition to our services in graphic design and bespoke stationery our designers and stylists are committed to offer their expertise in personal and gift shopping, interior and fashion styling, home styling and store display. Based in Norwich and London in the United Kingdom.

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