Ideas to dress walls with decorative prints

Dressing the walls with decorative prints is a great way to add life, style and personality to any space. Decorative prints offer a wide range of options to beautify your walls and create unique and welcoming environments. In this article, we present a selection of creative ideas to decorate your walls with prints and transform your home into a place full of charm.

Print compositions

One of themost popular ideas for dressing walls with decorative prints is to create artistic compositions. You can group multiple prints in different sizes and shapes to form a gallery wall. Play with different themes, styles and colors to achieve a harmonious and eye-catching combination. These compositions can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and can be placed in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.


Themed murals

Another creative idea is to create themed murals using decorative prints. For example, you can select prints with nature motifs and form a botanical mural in the dining room or kitchen. For a children's room, you can opt for prints with story characters and create a fairy tale mural. These themed murals add a special and unique touch to any space.


Original frames

Frames are an important element in the presentation of decorative prints. You can give an original and personalized touch to your prints by choosing frames with unique and distinctive designs. For example, vintage frames for classic prints, natural wood frames for rustic-style prints, or modern and minimalist frames for contemporary prints. The original frames enhance the character of the sheets and give a special touch to the decoration of your walls.

Plates in unexpected spaces

Dare to place decorative sheets in unexpected spaces to surprise your guests. For example, you can decorate the back of a door with creative prints to give a special touch to a forgotten space. Or put sheets on the ceiling to create a striking effect in a room. These unusual ideas add originality and freshness to the decoration of your walls.

Triptych or diptych style

The triptych or diptych style is another interesting option for dressing your walls with decorative prints. In the triptych style, you can select an image that is divided into three parts and place each part in a different frame, creating a continuous and harmonious visual effect. The diptych style consists of placing two prints that together form a composition or contrast with each other. These options are ideal for highlighting significant images or creating a focal point in a room.


Dressing your walls with decorative prints is a creative and versatile way to decorate your home. The compositions of sheets, thematic murals, original frames, sheets in unexpected spaces and the triptych or diptych style are some of the ideas that you can consider to beautify your walls. With these proposals, you can give a unique and personalized touch to the decoration of your space, creating cozy and stylish environments.